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Ambition as a booster towards success:
interview with Joao Basilio Macedo
"I am able to see with my own eyes how athletes train, how
they warm up, how they compete, their mindset and focus in the pre and competition days, how they plan their days, their meals, their sleep schedules, how their Physios and Doctors treat them, how they plan their trips and competitions, their unique lifestyle in terms of absolute dedication to the sport they practice, their sacrifice in terms of personal and family life, what they think/plan for their futures… All this taught me a lot. [...] I am lucky to have been an integrating member of WINTECARE’s team since it’s inception."
Thermal and non-thermal efects of capacitive–resistive electric transfer application on diferent structures of the knee: a cadaveric study
"We believe that something really crucial is to know whether the current that they are applying is the one that really get through the tissues and whether the temperature that is generated reaches the target tissue. It is true that these changes will be somewhat less in a patient due to the thermoregulatory effect of circulation, but it gives us a better understanding of the temperature that we are applying. In addition, it confirms that the effect of tissue regeneration is possible due to the amount of current and temperature that is introduced into the tissues."
From professional athlete to Sport Physiotherapist
at the highest levels: the experience of Simone Collio
"The transition from being a professional athlete to being a
therapist was very natural for me. When I was competing I have always surrounded myself with a team of professionals who have contributed in a fundamental way to the achievement of
my sporting successes; for this reason, after my retirement, I
immediately tried to exploit the experience gained on my body in many years of activity and related injuries. This was certainly a great advantage because it helped me to understand more quickly many
of the dynamics that occur when an athlete incurs in an injury."
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